EMPOWER Race Series

August 4-6, 2017

The Craneway Pavilion - San Francisco Bay Area
Hosted by Sweat Pink & Titanium Racing

We’ve declared 2017 the year of empowerment. All year long, our community has been tagging #IAmEmpowered as they show off their handstand progress, their new PR, that new recipe they tried, and every other little win—or even regression or hiccup or obstacle—that they experience.


Collectively, we’ve decided that 2017 is the year that we will look forward, no matter what. We push through the challenges and we tackle that big hairy goal and we believe—no, we KNOW—that we are empowered to accomplish whatever it is we set our minds to.


And since there’s nothing better than bringing people together in real life for a triple shot of heady, community-driven energy and motivation, we are making it happen this summer.


The EMPOWER Race Series is, you guessed it, a weekend of empowerment. It’s a race & yoga & community weekend. We’ll run. We’ll twist. We’ll sweat. We’ll come together to support each other and to lift each other up.


Because when a bunch of sweat-loving people come together through a shared passion for empowering themselves and one another, there’s no telling what we’ll achieve.


Connect with us. Race with us. Bend with us. Find your center, find your new bestie, find your purpose.

Lose yourself in the sweat and lift up your power.

Psst. Make your own #IAmEmpowered graphic, here.