OM Diaries with Nicci Randall

Tell us a bit about yourself...

(Yoga in Portland, OR - my home, and favorite city!)

(Yoga in Portland, OR - my home, and favorite city!)

When did you start practicing yoga? What do you love most about it?
I started delving into yoga about 9 years ago and then took a real dive into the practice about 3 years later in Santa Cruz, Ca. Divinitree Yoga, anyone?

I love the balance between structure and flow, forcing me to strengthen the more stretchy parts of my body while still allowing me to move in a way that feels good in my own body. I love that everyone’s practice is their own. There is some kind of style for everybody, but we can still all come together to practice, learn, and have fun.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching yoga?
So many things! I love to watch people get inspired by yoga. It’s amazing to watch people challenge themselves to go places they wouldn’t expect. And on that note, it’s also inspiring to watch students slow down to regroup/re-energize before getting back into their flow. I guess my favorite part is to see student connect with their bodies, minds, breath, and strength and move with purpose where they would like to go.

Where do you find your inspiration for your classes?

I find a lot of my inspiration from the teachers and people I look up to at Flex & Flow in Portland, OR. I practice with them every day and a certain pose they teach may click with me that day and I can build a flow based around that pose in my home practice.

Instagram has been an interesting source of inspiration as well, especially with the endless amount of video content being posted there, daily. Some insta yogis I get inspired by are @carrotbowlbonnie @erintron and @casacolibri, just to name a few.

Do you run? If so, why?

I recently started running again after taking a couple years off. I got pretty lazy after school sports (I need structure). I run now for a few reasons. One reason is it’s social! I love run clubs and random run-dates with the Flex & Flow runners. We run as far as we want (or can), while chatting and motivating each other to keep moving. Another reason I run is because trails! My Flex & Flow runners introduced me to trail running and I’ll never look back. Trail running is hard work, while at the same time, I feel like I’m skipping through the beautiful forest (there’s a flower child inside of me).  And lastly, I run because it’s like yoga! It pushes your body and mind and with the help of breath, motivation, and all your muscles, you get up those hills and down the road. Afterwards, I feel a run-high, very akin to that yoga-high/glow. It’s the best feeling!

What are your suggestions for runners getting into yoga?

(Stretching those tight hammies in know you want this, runners!)

(Stretching those tight hammies in know you want this, runners!)

Try as many styles/classes as you can and don’t stop after one class. Since there are so many styles, the first one you try may not work for you. You might find you want a more high energy class or maybe one that focuses more on stretching those runner’s muscles.

Hit up intro specials at different studios in your neighborhood to get a feel for the different classes. Also, I’m sure one of your friends does yoga, so follow her/him to the next yoga session. They’ll have a favorite spot to take you.

Lastly, don’t get discouraged! There’s a class, a teacher, a tribe out there for you somewhere. Sometimes you have to look around bit.

What is your favorite pose?

(Drinking cold brew while backbending, FTW!)

(Drinking cold brew while backbending, FTW!)

Backbends, baby. It’s like coffee, which would be my favorite yoga pose if that was an option. Backbends stretch the entire front side of the body, while strengthening the back body. It’s my favorite counter pose to running and strength-training with HIIT Yoga!

And lastly, what is your spirit animal?


WOW, how do I choose one?! Okay, my spirit animal changes from day-to-day, depending on my mood. For now, let’s say I’m a monkey. I’m pretty affectionate - sometimes I’ll climb on you and other times I’ll climb on other people. I probably won’t groom you though, so don’t get any ideas.