Let's FITCATION it up!

Let’s talk about the latest trend in travel: FITCATIONS! 

Maybe you need an example: exotic yoga retreats, winter wonderland snowshoeing adventures, summiting mountainous peaks, stand-up paddle boarding in turquoise waters…


Now have I caught your attention?

So your interest has been piqued, let’s talk about WHY you would want to spend a vacation doing anything other than lounging on a beach with a mai tai…


We can all admit we love a good sweat session. A fitcation is a great way to break out of your sweat routine, which can start to get a little monotonous at home. Trying something new gets you out of your comfort zone in so many ways. Maybe it’s something new in a place you’ve never been before, like when I went surfing in Costa Rica or tango dancing in Buenos Aires! It’s a great way to explore a new place in an unusual way.


Or maybe it’s a beloved activity, like when I go “home” to Colorado and go skiing.


Or maybe it’s something you do all the time and you’re just switching it up a bit, like signing up for a race with a friend. I loved training for my first half marathon while studying abroad in Spain! I was with my friends running around Sevilla for 6 weeks for a race in Lisbon, Portugal. What’s not to LOVE about that??



I love being active, and then I love being totally lazy! My normal beach vacation routine, whether I’m at home with my parents at the beach I’ve been going to for 20 years or a new place I’ve never been to before, I love waking up and sweating immediately! Going surfing, SUP-ing, kayaking, running on the beach, there are so many ways to have fun and break a sweat at the beach. In no particular order, I’ll wake and sweat, have breakfast, and then go veg on the beach with a romance novel for hours. It’s absolute heaven. And I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the laziness without first getting after it!



Bonding over a fun activity, especially a new one in a new place, really brings people together. Whether you’re traveling with friends or making new ones, it’s amazing to experience it together. To chat over the day’s events over a post-sweat beer, commiserate over sore muscles, and encourage each other out on the trail. It’s one of my favorite ways to make memories…

post-trail run during our Sonoma retreat

post-trail run during our Sonoma retreat


A fitcation is the perfect way to decompress! It takes my natural de-stress technique of sweating and moving, and combines it with the fun and relaxation of a vacation. 

Stress just melts away on a fitcation. I’m either moving or vegging all day long, I’m sleeping enough, there’s minimal stress, I’m eating well, I’m with amazing people. All the essential elements of feeling happy and healthy!


Stoked on a fitcation? Add THIS to your calendar ASAP! 

We’re gathering the weekend of August 5-6th in the Bay Area for a weekend festival all about yoga, running, and EMPOWERMENT! 


A weekend of yoga classes, multiple race distances (5k, 10k, 13.1 miles), a festival experience, and all with a great group in the Bay Area! Join us for this AMAZING FITCATION!