Rosie the Riveter: A Symbol of EMPOWERment

One of the reasons we chose the Craneway Pavilion for the first ever women’s-only yoga and running festival is that it’s home to the Rosie the Riveter memorial. As a cultural icon for women EMPOWERment, Rosie the Riveter’s memorial could not be a more fitting - or beautiful - location to host the race. 

But who is Rosie the Riveter? Rosie is the star of a government campaign that encouraged women to join the workforce during WWII as male enlistments left huge gaps in the industrial labor force. Between 1940 and 1945, the percentage of women in the workforce grew from 27% to 37%.

Though a fictional character, the bandana-clad woman made her way through the movies, newspapers, posters, photographs and articles. For the first time, a woman was the face of the workforce, and as a result, more than 6 million “Rosies” flooded the workforce. In the 1940s, Rosie was a symbol of the working woman. Today, she represents every woman with a can-do attitude.

Whether you’re starting a business, taking on a new professional goal, running a race, running a family, or accomplishing a fitness goal, YOU CAN DO IT. As women, we can accomplish so much when we work together and celebrate one another’s accomplishments. Here are a few of our favorite “Rosie” fitness moments from the past year:

Are you inspired yet? From setting personal records in yoga and running to building lasting, meaningful relationships with other athletes, we hope you’ll join us in empowering one another. Let’s run, stretch, soar, and push challenge ourselves at the Empower Race Series August 5-6.

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